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I like these cats.

Round ice machine can produce round ice.

before choose a cold room you should know

When choosing a solution to keep your chilled and frozen stock cold, it is first essential to decide whether you require a walk in cold room, or whether the quantity of goods is not enough for this. If this is the case, a large commercial refrigeration cabinet could provide the answer and be a cheaper alternative, also taking up less space.

The benefit of walk-in rooms is that goods are easily accessible and more visible to staff, The result is improved business efficiency and a reduction in waste as there are no unreachable products left in the back of the cabinet.

When it comes to choosing a product, another decision a business will need to make is how much insulation they need. The standard thickness is generally 80 mm, but designs can be bought with more than this.

Additional insulation is more expensive but the cost is off-set by greater efficiency of the room.
The thicker the insulation, the less heat enters into the room, so less power is needed to maintain the correct internal temperature. This results in lower running costs. The estimated payback period for buying a solution with higher insulation is somewhere around ten years. This makes it a cost effective choice as these products generally have a life span of between 10 - 20 years.

Consider also whether you need an insulated floor. An insulated floor is needed for medium and freezer rooms, in order to keep products at the right temperature; however it is not necessarily required for a chiller room.

A floorless room is cheaper to install, but the benefit of insulated flooring is greater energy efficiency which again means reduced running costs.

However floorless rooms allow for better trolley access as there are no steps to negotiate. Trolleys can include cages used for milk, yoghourt and butter deliveries, or trolleys used for plated meals.

The height of the room is also a consideration. The standard height is generally 2100 mm. Most staff would find it difficult to reach stock stored above this height. However, if you do have a large quantity of stock, cold rooms can be built to a height of 2400 mm.

a picture of mushroom cold storage

a picture of mushroom cold storage

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Cold storage building heat wave climax

cold storage building heat wave high

For cold storage return on investment, the industry forget such a statement to reporters: Examples of civil cold storage with a storage capacity of 5000 square meters, in accordance with 70 yuan per square meter cold storage rental price per month cold storage revenue of $ 3.5 million in annual revenue more than 400 million.

The initial construction of cold storage to invest about 10 million yuan to maintain tariffs in the cold storage post-operation, the annual cost of less than 30,000 yuan, plus labor and other expenses, a well-run cold storage, generally three years will be able to recover input. The design life of the cold storage is generally more than 20 years, after a short period of time will be cost recovery, future profits will be even more impressive.

But now the cold storage building in Zhengzhou to a critical point in a short period of time is basically saturated, if the enterprise investment in cold storage, market competition is bound in a vicious competition. Zhengzhou anonymity of cold practitioners told reporters, and couple of years ago, Zhengzhou, cold storage, profitability has been greatly reduced.

Real strong cold storage in Zhengzhou, general manager of Hexian Jiang said, Zhengzhou, most of the storage type cold storage rental prices per square meter in 50 to 80 yuan, far away from the city of cold storage at lower prices.

Behind the price decline in cold storage, the building boom of the surge of cold storage. Continental cold storage, the letter-based cold storage, purple tripod cold storage, three cold storage, Mao Zhuang cold storage, rivers and mountains, cold storage, and is now being built miss cold storage, within a few short years a seat of cold storage just like the mushrooming.

He Jinhong, Zhengzhou miss food logistics manager, said the thoughts of the cold storage warehouse mainly rely on leasing the Association of Cold Storage. Every winter when the days of sales coming season, the rental libraries there will be tensions. Cold storage of the most stressful time around 2008, and even affect product sales, but the two annual rent database is very easy, also has been reduced. 

Zhengzhou, the rest of the country is also experiencing a similar wave of cold storage building. The slogan of the largest cold storage , The biggest Frozen trading market emerged in various places around the cold storage investment also showed a tense situation.

Fang Xin cold storage is more concentrated Xi’an Dongpin market, due to the constraints of a variety of conditions, the original cold storage can not meet market demand, the newly converted Fang Xinguo International Food City has been put into use in May, supporting cold storage 30000 I t. In the North District of Xi’an City, the new markets and raw international agricultural and sideline products trading center, supporting the cold storage of agricultural and sideline products of global procurement center in Xi’an in Yurun were 50,000 tons and 135,000 tons.